If your home or business has been damaged by water or other catastrophes …

For Contents Pack-Out, Storage and Remediation, for Water Damage Mitigation and Restoration, for Mold Remediation or Cost Effective Cleaning Services (including Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning and Hardwood Floor Cleaning … You Can Count On Our Highly Trained Service Professionals!

At Coventry Services, our Emergency Services team responds 24/7 and our #1 goal restores calm to the most chaotic disasters situations. We take pride in providing excellent customer service to fully restored property in a professional manner. We have a passion for high quality and it drives us to make sure that everything we do is done at that highest level of customer satisfaction.



  • 24/7 Water Emergency Reponse – Removal – Cleanup – Mitigation and Restoration
  • Emergency Pack-Outs Due To Disaster (such as: Fire, Water, Storm, Mold Damage, etc.)
  • Construction / Remodeling Pack-Outs
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Content Inventory, Cleaning, Drying, Deodorizing, Safe Storage & Return
  • Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Emergency Pack-Outs Services

COVENTRY specializes in emergency pack outs to assist our when your home or business is affected by a disaster such as: fire, water, storm, or mold damage. When we are contact, we will immediately mobilize a pack out team within 48 hrs of the loss event. Our number one goal is to carefully pack out all the contents necessary for the restoration of the property. During the pack-out we will carefully create an accurate digital inventory of all of contents involved to the loss event, and make ensure you have a complete record of the inventory (item that were removed from your property). Any contents that we take off site are kept in a gated secure storage facility with 24-hr security (which includes: security cameras, motion detectors, etc.). Our customer’s property are kept separate in their own individual units. As we inspect your property, we will we make aware of any contents that may have been irreversibly damaged during the loss event. To further assist our customer and release some of the stress, we will also also contact your insurance adjuster and keep the insurance company abreast of the status of your contents. Additionally, we can provide direct billing to your insurance company using industry standard technologies to ensure that the insurance claims are accurately and efficiently processed.

Remodeling Pack-Out

During the remodeling of your home or office COVENTRY can help move and store furniture and other contents (onsite/your facility or off-site to our storage facilities). For various reason, some customers may prefer to store their contents on-site during a remodeling phase (such as in the garage or basement); in cases instances, COVENTRY can assist in the packing, labeling and moving of the items to the desired location within the home or office and then return them when the remodeling is complete.

Post Construction Cleaning and Sanitation

COVENTRY will take care of all your cleaning needs after any construction work at your home or office. We will remove dust and other airborne debris left behind on surface areas, including the dusting of blinds and verticals, windowsills and ceiling fans. All affected windows will be cleaned (washed) and all appliances, counter tops and flooring will also be cleaned. All trash receptacles in affected area will be removed and emptied. Additionally, we offer professional Carpet cleaning to ensure that our customer are completely satisfied with the restoration of their property.

Content Drying, Cleaning and Deodorizing

Whether your contents is secured at your home or office location or has been moved to our dedicated cleaning and storage facility … Coventry will safely clean, dry and deodorize all your items using the most state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and techniques to restore your item to the best quality possible.


At Coventry Services LLC.’s, we fully understand that, regardless of the type of disaster, … TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE … in order to limit damage to your property and your precious possessions. So, it is extremely importance to act fast to identify, remove, store and protect your valuable and important items from further damage or loss.



Our crews are standing by (24/7), even on weekends and holidays to respond quickly to your emergency in order to mitigate, protect and restore your home or business and bring calm to the most chaotic situations.

When the unexpected happens, we will act immediately to remove your prized possessions, clean and store them, and track and safely return them to you. We have extensive experience in carefully packing and storing items from homes and offices.



Our state of the art system will allow our field technicians to automate our Pack Out services. It allows us to accurately track all of your items that we move from your home or business to our storage facility, so that they are easy to locate and safely return to you.



Our storage facility is climate-controlled, has a fire suppression systems, and we constantly monitor that facility with our security surveillance system. Additionally, we carry full insurance to cover all of the property we are storing.

We are extremely careful when packing, labeling, moving, and storing your important items. We make absolutely sure to document everything we do so that your items are fully protected and that we can quickly identify where everything is at all times.



Content Cleaning Will Minimize Your Losses

To protect, preserve and restore your items, we can carefully clean and restore your items when they are removed from a home or office so that when they are returned to you they are clean and ready to be used.

Before any of your items are cleaned, we will consult with you to explain and document all decisions before work starts.

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Professional Emergency Water Restoration, Damage, Removal, Cleanup and Repair Specialists
Professional Emergency Water Restoration, Damage, Removal, Cleanup and Repair Specialists